Velcro, Hooks and Rubber Bands

“Yo tech! You don’t have to be high to be cool you know!”

In fact I’m enjoying low-tech solutions more and more nowadays. It tends to be cheap, easy and readily understandable. I like it when I can see how something works.

I bought a big multicoloured bag of rubber bands from a pound shop about a year ago. It was one of the most useful things I’ve ever bought. I’ve used them in all kinds of places I’d never have thought of but the thing is, if you keep them within sight and they’re all lovely colours then they often just suggest themselves when you’re having a problem! Here are some pictures of some usage:

Hooks? I have around 70 hooks (I lost count but it definitely went over 60). In the tiny cramped world of a caravan hooks are just amazing, I have them all over the ceiling, walls and shelving, they let me keep all kinds of items visible (no point in having something if you can’t find it when you need it) and easy to grab. They also allow for things to be moved around from hook to hook (the obvious example is a small lantern which can be hung above wherever you’re sitting.

I love Velcro (“other hook and loop fastening strips are available”). It’s fairly strong and secure, relatively cheap (as long as you shop around) and it makes lush noises. I have found many uses for it…

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