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The Site

This website is under construction. You know those shops with the permanent "CLOSING DOWN SALE" signs in their window? This site is like those shops – it will be finshed when they close.

The design and some of the content is heavily experimental. This is my place and I like playing around with it. There is nobody telling me what to do, no brief, no brand guidelines. It may get ugly.

If you're a geek you may be interested to know that this is a statically generated site built with metalsmith and hosted on Netlify. If you're not a geek you definitely shouldn't read the long detailed write-up of how this site is built (and congratulations).

The Person

I paint. I code. I make objects to hold in your hand and words to hold in your head (not that you'll want to). This is where I put my stuff so I can show it to people. A small, embarrassing number of people. The number is small – not the people. Words.

The Art

I like Paul Cézanne, Joseph Turner, Albrecht Dürer... growing up, these were the painters who's paintings I looked at in books. I could go on forever though: Pablo Picasso, Tamara de Lempicka, Frida Kahlo, Gerhard Richter, George Shaw, Peter Doig...

I'm interested in how our visual systems work and how easily they can be tripped up. Sometimes I make realistic-ish paintings built from extremely messy strokes.

The Name

I read it on the back of a packet of seeds (sow, cover in soil then firm gently)...I liked it, it pertains to cultivation and growth.

More about that